Gift Wrap (cat): Laurence

Gift Wrap (cat): Laurence

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Wrapping Paper

Black & White: 19" x 25" (flat sheet size) 9.5" x 12.5" (ships folded)

Laurence: Domestic longhair | 14-years-old | Adopted Oct. 20, 2003 | Harmony House for Cats

The Perfect Cat Eyes: When they were kittens, Laurence and his sister didn’t look much alike. But they shared a common condition: Their eyelids hadn’t formed completely before they were born.

They had to get surgery to correct the condition, or else they’d go completely blind. Laurence’s eyes were easily corrected, but his sister required a complex experimental procedure and several months in isolation as she healed. Not only did both cats heal perfectly — now 13, “Laurence the lion cat” is as cuddly and affectionate as ever — but his sister has also helped other cats by serving as a case study for her veterinary eye surgeons. © Pop of Paper 2016

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