Leroy Popcorn (dog):

Leroy Popcorn (dog): "Furry & Bright!"

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Black & White: 4.25” x 5.5” | blank inside | ships with A2 white envelope | 

Leroy Popcorn: Miniature Poodle Mix | Adopted May 2015 | One Tail at a Time 

Back: Tells the unique story of each pet's rescue adoption story.


Employee of the Year: If you ask him, Leroy Popcorn is not a dog. No way. 

He’s a human, and all is wants is to sit on couches, sleep in king-size beds, and – most importantly – eat baby carrots and ice cream pops all day long.

Leroy also has a job. He goes to work with his mom, and he takes his role as “office pet” very seriously. When he gets to the office in the morning, he runs right away to visit his best work friends and maybe stare at them for a while and dance-beg until they give him a cookie. Then he goes from desk to desk, prioritizing those who are eating lunch, but he’ll settle for a belly rub or two if necessary. He’s a dog who knows what he wants, and, as the company’s CEO says, he’s persistent – which are truly respectable qualities in an employee.

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