Ruby (dog): Blank Note Card

Ruby (dog): Blank Note Card

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RUBY: Blank Note Card

Black & White: 4.25” x 5.5” | blank inside | ships with A2 white envelope 

Back: Tells the unique story of each pet's rescue adoption story.

Ruby: Terrier/shepherd mix | 2 1/2-years-old | Adopted May 2017

A small dog with big feelings: At 4 months old, Ruby was an anxious and miserable resident of Heartland Humane Society. But one volunteer just couldn’t resist keeping her in her office every chance she got. Eventually that volunteer adopted her. 

Now a year old and 13 ½ pounds, Ruby’s joyful, fun-loving nature has emerged, and she loves her new family, especially big brother Henry, a cat who is about the same size. Half the time Henry enjoys wrestling with her; the other half he wishes she would get lost. 

A DNA test revealed Ruby is a terrier/shepherd mix, which makes her size surprising but not her personality – stubborn, loving, protective and bossy. She hates when the herd gets separated, and she won’t let Henry get away with anything: no clawing the furniture, eating the plants, sneaking outside. But when he does get outside, Ruby has made it her job to herd him back inside – no training necessary for this job – she’s a natural.

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