Cleo (cat): Birthday card

Cleo (cat): Birthday card

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Cleo: Blank Note card

Black & White: 4.25” x 5.5” | blank inside | ships with A2 white envelope 

Cleo: Domestic shorthair | 7-years-old | Adopted Oct. 20, 2003 | Harmony House for Cats

Back: Tells the unique story of each pet's rescue adoption story.
The cat who thinks she’s a dog: Cleo, or “Cleopatra,” a 7-year-old  domestic shorthair, was part of a litter that was abandoned in an alley. She was initially taken in and cared for by a family who couldn’t keep her permanently. Luckily, a woman who had recently lost her beloved pet, happened to cat-sit for Cleo one weekend. There was an immediate connection, and before long Cleo had a new mom who knew Cleo was a “keeper.” A quirky, lovable cat, she waits by the door welcoming everyone who visits. She also thinks she’s a dog, a perception reinforced by her brother, Oliver, a miniature pinscher-pug mix. Cleo loves running around the house, play-fighting with Oliver, drinking out of Oliver’s bowl and taunting him from the highest points of the home. But her favorite spot is lounging on mom’s chest. Hey mom: Don’t forget the belly rubs!
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