Custom Pet Portraits

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SIZE: 24" x 30" (approximately)
PAPER: ArtKraft Duo-Finish | White
MEDIUM: Black ink

You know your pet is special and a treasured member of your family. How amazing would it be to have a one-of-a-kind ink drawing of your pet? Do you have a favorite photograph that captures a particular moment and reveals his or her personality? Send in your favorite photos, and I will create an original black and white portrait, perfect for framing and mounting on your wall.

NEXT STEPS: Once I receive your order, I will reach out to you via email to discuss what types of photos I will need, as well as request stories about what makes your pet distinctive. I want to see your pet the way you do so I can artfully capture his or her personality.


PLEASE NOTE: The drawings will have drips and ink splotches. This is done purposely to retain the sketch quality of the artwork.