Miss Bea (dog):

Miss Bea (dog): "Furry & Bright"

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Send the most aww-dorable holiday cards.

Black & White: 4.25” x 5.5” | blank inside | ships with A2 white envelope | 

Back: Tells the unique story of each pet's rescue adoption story.

Miss Bea: 7-years-old | Boston terrier | Adopted December 2015 

Fast Friends: Miss Bea has a ritual whenever Emily comes home from work. After greeting her by sprinting toward the door and leaping on her to say hello, Bea then gets down to business. She takes each toy, one by one, from her toy basket and parades them around, trying to get Emily to grab them. Bea, 7, is a wonderful companion and friend, say Emily—and they found each other at a time when they both needed each other. Bea’s people could no longer take care of her, and they asked Emily, knowing she had recently lost her beloved rescue pup, if she wanted to adopt Bea. The rest…well, you know the ending. Friends forever. 

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